From the perspective adopted in, believing cannot be separated from knowing, nor knowing from believing. This section of the site is dedicated to exploring the distinctions and relationships that are to be made between natural trust and Christian faith, as well as the interaction between believing and knowing.

Those are the very themes dealt with under What do we mean by “Believing”?

Believing? Isaiah 54:9-10!
“[…] The mountains may depart and the hills be removed,
but my steadfast love shall not depart from you,
and my covenant of peace shall not be removed,”
says the Lord, who has compassion on you. (Isaiah 54:9-10, ESV)
None of this is done without first considering who is the One true God in whom those who claim to be Christians are to be trusting for the outcome of their daily and eternal lives. This is why the present section, Knowing, starts off by considering three questions, grouped under a larger one –  In whom do we believe? –  about Father, Son and Spirit:

However, to what sort of life is invited, in the long term, the one who chooses to follow Christ and to trust Him? What life conditions and promises are inherent to a life of faith in Christ?

These latter concerns are addressed under :

But there are yet another group of questions that deserve being asked: In what sorts of contexts do we in fact exercise our own faith in God and in Christ today?

  • The context of the the dominant cultures of our day;
  • The context of the major world religions
    (for example, see external link, Religious Studies Resource Guide);
  • The context of Christendom at large and of some of the cults it gave rise to
    (for example, see external link: Religious Studies Resource Guide);
  • The context of the Christian group or groups with whom we identify.

Some of thee four sub-themes immediately above are already integrated to the contents of the sections identified above, others remain to be developed entirely. Moreover, the French, English and Spanish versions of the present section do not all contain as exhaustive a treatment as others do, depending on material that was available to us.

We therefore invite you to visit Savoir et croire .ca (Knowing and Believing) periodically in order to discover what new developments have been brought to its pages. And if you happen to be fluent in more than one of the languages in which we publish, you might want to take a look to the language variants of a same page or article.

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Author: Daniel Garneau, B Th, B Com, MA
Edited: May 2016; Apr 2017; Feb 2018; July 24, 2018.