Developing and Publishing a Web Site

All links listed below refer to Web sites that deserve to be recognized for their contribution in elaborating

To understand HTML and CSS conventions, I refered to W3C Web Standard Curriculum, to W3C Web Design and Applications, and to HTML Dog. For experimenting with the first construction of my Web site, I used Arcsin with Page Breeze. Later, to develop, I adopted, and I still use, Notepad++. To host my web site, I chose,, along with  Filezilla for transmitting files to the host server. Last but not least, I must mention WordPress which is the Web development platform I migrated to on June 13, 2014.

I later came across the following ressources that helped me better understand the WordPress environment after I had used it, Dominique Leweb, or plan improvements to my site, for ex.: Christian Website; Christian Web Resources; and even a site to investigate the possibility of becoming interactive: the Admin Zone.

If you are interested in reading about the specifics of the steps I went through in learning how to produce, please consult the original French version of this page, développer et mettre en ligne un site web.

If you read French and are intrigued about the connection between this page and the mission of, then please read the last paragraph of the original French version of this page, Développer et mettre en ligne un site web. If you can read Spanish also, you will be able to benefit from the expanded presentation of the same in the last five paragraphs of Desarrollar y poner en linea un sitio web.

Please feel free to join the forum chrétien la Rencontre, a community of dialog about the Christian Faith. Its mission extends that of Savoir et croire .ca. Please note that the forum also has a technical section for discussing about web sites and internet forums.

Daniel Garneau, B Th, B Com, MA
Edited : July 18, 2016, and Novembre 18, 2019.