Taming Linux

The French version of this article, Apprivoiser Linux, aims at guiding one through the steps necessary for moving from a legacy environment such as Windows Vista toward a Linux-based environment in a dual-boot setting where care is taken to preserve all of the former environment software and software configuration data. To do so, the article first deals quite extensively with some of the tools that can be used to preserve all aspects of a Windows Vista environment, for example through cloning. It also reviews a number of tools and methods to help ensuring that the disk to be cloned is healthy in the first place. Only then does the article begin to cover various ways to install Linux in dual boot mode.  The order in which this information is provided follows that in which the necessary steps were discovered by its author, who is not some normally thriving in techno stuff.

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Daniel Garneau, B Th, B Com, MA
February 7, 2018