Learning to Receive God’s Love Toward Us

My story is a demonstration of God’s love, goodness, and patience toward me. It also shows that I had to learn to receive the love of God, even if I did not feel worthy of it. This article, Learning to Receive God’s Love Toward Us, is the testimony of my first  steps as a Christian, my subsequent zeal for learning the Word accompanied with a desire to share with others as I was learning. It then takes you through some of the steps that led me to a state of discouragement that I was convinced never to overcome in this life.

Learning to receive God’s love toward us. I will [...] speak tenderly to her (Hosea 2.14, ESV).
I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her (Hosea 2:14, ESV)
However, after leading me into the desert, God led me to experiment his joy and peace, which have become a stable characteristic of my life for several years now. For readers of English only, my articles, Bird’s Eye View, and God’s Outworking in My Life, will provide you access to the major features of this long-term trial followed by long-standing victory.  Some brave of hearts might want to read Apprendre à  recevoir de Dieu son amour, the the original French extensive version of this testimony, bearing in mind that the shorter versions each bring its own angle, all of which being somewhat complementary.

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Daniel Garneau, B Th, B Com, MA,
Summary created August 28, 2017;
Updated: January 2018; February 2018; July 2018.