Evaluating Theological Statements or Practices

For the purpose of this article, “theological expressions” are teachings or practices that are presented as true to Christianity and fair representations of what God wants for us. Bearing in mind a model such as the one presented here may help believers of all stripes, no matter what level of formal education they have reached. This model invites us to consider “theological expressions” from three angles: Bible, christian heritage, culture – observing the relative importance and the interaction between these three components. The model leads to reflect about internalizing a theological expression for oneself. This last aspect stands in opposition to an attitude allowing oneself to be indoctrinated, and is therefore of utmost importance for true growth in the Faith to occur in our lives.

Full article available in French, Comment évaluer un énoncé ou une pratique théologique, and in Spanish, Cómo evaluar expresiones teológicas.

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Summary created on August 29, 2017.
Updated January 5 and 24, 2018.