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Your world view does not allow considering the Christian faith as a valid life option for yourself at all, but you are puzzled because a person you respect does in fact openly admit to trusting God in the daily conduct of her or his life? Browsing through knowing and believing (Savoir et croire .ca) might lead you toward insights to be shared with your Christian friends, or you may find answers to some of your own questions. For example, you might want to visit :  Believing and Christian Faith.

Knowing and believing ? Habakkuk 2.14
For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord
as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2.14, ESV)

You are amongst those who believe in Christianity, but you’re not exactly sure what to think about the apparently monolithic consensus opposing some specific teachings of Jesus, of the apostles, and of the apostolic fathers? Parts of this web site could help you understand that the Christian Faith has solid historical and philosophical roots, the ignorance of which could lead to severe misunderstandings. Ex.: Knowing and Believing.

You consider yourself a Christian, but are discouraged about how little practical resources your faith contributes to your daily life? You are happy for those who are satisfied with the way they live their own faith, but you no longer have any hope for yourself that some day your life will be characterized by the joy of the Spirit of Christ within you? You may find on this site some testimonies or reflections bearing a potential to encourage you to move one step ahead toward such aspiration. Some of these can be found under Autobiography and Learning, and under Knowing the True God? Or yet perhaps even more so under the blog article series Testimony and Training.

In Knowing and Believing (Savoir et croire.ca), Christianity is partly viewed as a form of knowledge which should neither be rejected nor adhered to without carefully studying it. This approach led to establishing connections between learning, knowing, believing, doing and commitment. I examine amongst other questions: How do we learn? How do we know that we know? What are we talking about when we say, “I believe”?

These questions are first dealt with by relying on sources that are recognized in contemporary secular universities, and then by interacting with the most pertinent amongst them from the perspective of a Bible believing committed Christian. Consulting this site on an ongoing basis could help you think through the topics listed in the table of contents, their correlation to one another, and their potential for transformation.

Please feel free to watch Knowing and Believing — a Christian Perspective, an introductory video where I share in plain words what this site is all about:

You wish to get involved and discuss life-related subject matters, please join our trilingual (French, English, Spanish) Forum: Knowing and Believing – the Encounter.

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