Theology and Faith: Friends or foes?

A theological reflection outside of a posture of faith from the theologian would be an act of rebellion since it would amount to rejecting the validity of the object under study. On the contrary, what is mandatory for theological reflection is the conviction that what is being studied is true, and that this truth originates from the God who is forever and ever; in other words, it is from within a posture of faith that theology should ever be studied.  Moreover, thinking through our theological questions should be done in an attitude of expectation towards God Himself, as we ask Him to provide answers to our questions. This is applicable to vocational theologians as well as to Christians seeking the truth.

Full version of article available in French under: Théologie et foi : amies ou ennemies ?

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This summary was created on August 29, 2017, and updated on January 5, 2018.