How do we Learn?

Section Comment apprend-on ?  of, presents an essay written in an attempt to better understand how in fact we do learn. This article has for title, Apprendre : de l’abécédaire à la redéfinition de soi ! (pdf, 28 p.), which in translation would basically mean, Learning: from ABCs to redefining oneself. I attempted to come to a general understanding of theories used as foundation in teaching methodologies, and as reference in instructional or educational design.

The remaining text of this page has not been translated yet. As of November 4, 2013, it can be consulted in French, Comment apprend-on ?. To view a detailed status of translation to English of this site’s web pages, please visit Site Updates.

What follows is exclusively proposed in the English language version of this Web site, mostly because it is dependent on outside sources that are not available in French.

Being made aware of David Kolb’s experiential learning, as it is presented at Learning from Experience, may help us in understanding that the learning styles with which we are most comfortable may influence the way in which each of us most naturally approaches studying the Bible, as exemplified in the following video interviews from 100 Huntley Street or their YouTube Channel.

The short presentation, What Women Need Most for Better Bible Study, by Jen Wilin, on Desiring God, highlights a distinction that should be made between devotional study, topical study and Bible Study per se. The latter allowing to build the foundational knowledge of the Bible which allows to benefit most from other types of study. The most efficient approach to Bible Study being one where the learner is actively engaged.

All of the above prepares us to think through what is spiritual growth for Christians as we listen to David Whiting’s message Myths of Spiritual Growth  formerly from Northridge Church.

You wish to get involved and discuss about how we do learn, feel free to join our trilingual Community of dialog about the Christian Faith (French, English, Spanish). We’ll be happy to discuss the relationship we see between learning and the Christian life.

Daniel Garneau, B Th, B Com, MA
May  2016; May 2018.
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