Learning a Language — Ancient or Modern

Learning a Language—Ancient or Modern is a header section providing access to the following three articles:

  • Language Acquisition. I provide here the principles applicable to the learning of any language whether ancient or modern, and which also provides a few examples from my own process of learning the Spanish language without any real immersion context. This article is based on my own experience of learning three non-native languages: English, Spanish and Biblical Greek. The original French version of this article is more exhaustive.
  • Taming Biblical Greek. The French version of this article provides you with the steps I undertook in my attempt to revive my Biblical Greek after not having used it many years. But even if your French Language reading skills are not very good, you will certainly be able to zero in on several English Language resources about Biblical Greek.
  • Biblical Hebrew—First Steps. Expect to find here some helpful resources along your path of learning Biblical Hebrew. Make sure to have a peek on the Spanish and French versions of this article where you might be able to find links to resources available in English only.

May God bless you in your language learning processes.

Daniel Garneau, MA (Distance Learning), BA (Communications), B Th
April 1, 2021