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The table below presents every text (web pages and blog articles) available on this site, including their writing or translating status for French, English and Spanish. The titles of sections and articles however are those of the English versions of the texts concerned.

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Translation Status Table

AboutThis Site and its ForumOriginalTranslationTranslation
AboutEthics OriginalSummarySummary
AboutQuestions or Comments? OriginalTranslationTranslation
About (Site and Forum)IntentOriginalSummarySummary
About (Site and Forum)Presentation of Site and ForumOriginalPartial TranslationPartial Translation
About (Site and Forum)Site MapOriginalTranslationTranslation
About (Site and Forum)Site UpdatesOriginalOriginalOriginal
About (Site and Forum)Site Usage StatisticsOriginalPartial TranslationPartial Translation
About (Site and Forum)Translation MethodologyOriginalOriginalOriginal
About (Site and Forum)Translation StatusOriginalOriginalOriginal
About (Us)Confession of FaithOriginalTranslationTranslation
About (Us)Who am I?OriginalTranslationTranslation
About (Ethics )Bibles Quoted on these Web Pages OriginalOriginalOriginal
About (Ethics )Bibliography OriginalTranslationTranslation
About (Ethics )Copyright Laws OriginalOriginalOriginal
About (Ethics )How to Quote your Sources? OriginalSummarySummary
About (Ethics )The Christian Blogger’s Code of Conduct OriginalSummarySummary
BelievingAbundant LifeOriginalSummarySummary
BelievingChristian FaithOriginalSummary + OriginalSummary + Original
BelievingIn Christ, We Are Free! Is It Truly So?OriginalSummarySummary
BelievingKnowing and BelievingOriginalTranslation + OriginalTranslation
BelievingKnowing the True GodOriginalTranslation + OriginalTranslation
BelievingNatural TrustOriginalTranslationTranslation
BelievingWho is Jesus-Christ?OriginalSummary + OriginalSummary
DoingBeing Empowered Christian CitizensOriginalSummarySummary
DoingBelieving without Doing?OriginelTranslation + OriginalTranslation
DoingChoosing one’s CommitmentsOriginalSummarySummary
DoingCommitment? To what Extent?OriginalTranslationTranslation
DoingDoing, but How?OriginalTranslation + OriginalTranslated + Original
DoingLearning or Knowing without Doing?OriginalSummarySummary
DoingTrusting God’s Love on a Day-to-Day BasisOriginalSummarySummary
ResourcesBlog PostsOriginalTranslationTranslation
ResourcesEssays and StudiesOriginalSummaryTranslation
ResourcesAccess to ForumOriginalTranslationTranslation
Resources (Theological Analysis)Theological AnalysisOriginalAbridged TranslationAbridged Translation
Resources (Theological Analysis)Demystifying the Origins of Evangelical ChristiansOriginalSummaryTranslation
Resources (Theological Analysis)Evaluating Theological Statements or PracticesOriginalSummaryTranslation
Resources (Theological Analysis)Theology and Faith: Friends or foes?OriginalSummaryTranslation
Resources (Theological Analysis)Understanding Culture and Responding from the WordOriginalSummaryTranslation
Blog PostsAbout Jesus Being God Summary + OriginalOriginalSummary
Blog PostsAnswering Hervé-Cyrille from Benin OriginalSummarySummary
Blog PostsCan Married Couples be Restored? TranslationOriginalTranslation
Blog PostsChoosing a Bible Translation OriginalSummary + OriginalSummary + Original
Blog PostsChoosing a Local Church OriginalIntroduction + OriginalSummary
Blog PostsChristian Forums I Befriend OriginalSummarySummary
Blog PostsBeing a Christian SummaryOriginalSummary
Blog PostsDenominational Preferences Summary + OriginalOriginalSummary + Original
Blog Posts Difficulty of Admitting God’s Action on My Behalf OriginalSummarySummary
Blog PostsFollower of Fan of Christ? SummaryOriginalSummary
Blog PostsGod Answers Prayers! OriginalSummarySummary
Blog PostsMy Christian Testimony, a Bird's Eye View SummaryOriginalSummary
Blog PostsGod’s Grace Working in my Life SummaryOriginalSummary
Blog PostsIntelligence and Christian Faith OriginalAbridged TranslationSummary
Blog PostsKnowing one is Loved by God : the Key for Loving Others OriginalSummarySummary
Blog PostsDo We Have a Leader's Heart? TranslationTranslationOriginal
Blog PostsListening to the Bible, Why Not? OriginalOriginalOriginal
Blog PostsLooking Towards Christ SummaryOriginalSummary
Blog PostsLoving with Opened Eyes! OriginalSummarySummary
Blog PostsMerging of Past, Present, and Future OriginalSummarySummary
Blog PostsOvercoming Doubt? OriginalAbridged TranslationAbridged Translation
Blog Posts Blog Posts Available in EnglishOriginalOriginalOriginal
Blog PostsPrimary and Secondary Convictions? OriginalSummarySummary
Blog PostsReading the Bible Seems Heavy to You? OriginalSummarySummary
Blog PostsWalking by the Spirit Expanded TranslationTranslationOriginal
Blog PostsMain Site History Status OriginalTranslationTranslation
Blog PostsNew Site Interface OriginalTranslationTranslation
Blog PostsTestimony and Training OriginalSummarySummary
Blog PostsWhat I mean by “I am a Christian” OriginalSummarySummary
KnowingBible, Knowledge, and MeaningOriginalSummarySummary
KnowingBible Study MaterialOriginalTranslation + OriginalSummary
KnowingHow do we Know If We Have Eternal Life?OriginalSummarySummary
KnowingHow do we Know?OriginalSummaryTranslation
KnowingKnowing the Word of GodOriginalTranslation + OriginalExtended Summary
KnowingScripture EngagementOriginalOriginalOriginal
KnowingWhat about the Bible?OriginalExtended SummaryTranslation + Original
LearningConcepts and ExamplesOriginalTranslationSummary
LearningLearning to Receive God’s Love Toward UsOriginalSummarySummary
LearningLifelong Christian TrainingOriginalSummarySummary
LearningTechnical LearningOriginalExtended SummarySummary
Learning (Concepts, Examples )Autobiography and LearningOriginalTranslation + OriginalTranslation
Learning (Concepts, Examples)Educational CommunicationOriginalSummarySummary
Learning (Concepts, Examples) How Do We Learn?OriginalTranslation + OriginalSummary
Learning (Concepts, Examples) Language AcquisitionOriginalSummarySummary
Learning (Concepts, Examples) Learning from Arts, a Knowledge that TransformsOriginalSummarySummary
Learning (Technical Learning) Developing a Multilingual Web SiteOriginalSummarySummary
Learning (Technical Learning) Developing and Publishing a Web SiteOriginalExtended SummaryExtended Summary
Learning (Technical Learning) Improving a Web Site’s Potential for InteractivitySummaryOriginalSummary
Learning (Technical Learning) Taming LinuxOriginalSummarySummary

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Author: Daniel Garneau, B Th, B Com, MA.
Table created: January 5, 2018;
Table updated: march 7, 2018.