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This site – Knowing and Believing (Savoir et croire .ca)  is structured around a main site, a blog, and a forum. Web pages from the main site are available from the top-menu structure giving access to main pages. One of these menu items gives access to our blog section, another, to a full-fledged Christian discussion forum. In addition, the sidebar to the right of the site’s main window provides easy access to blog articles based on other criteria, such as categories.

The blog posts available on this site are the result of interacting with real people from three language groups, French, English, and Spanish. These interactions stem from my participation in a local Church, on Christian forums, and various social media. Most of the time, articles are written in French first , but sometimes in English or in Spanish. The translation associated to each article will typically lag behind several months, and sometimes a few years. For this reason, there is a page like the present one for each of the site’s language to help users navigate to the blog articles available in that language.

The following blog posts are currently available in English:









As mentioned above, other posts are also available in French or in Spanish or both:

You wish to get involved and discuss about articles such as the above, feel free to join our trilingual Community of dialog about the Christian Faith (French, English, Spanish).

You may communicate with me through the indications under Questions or Comments.

Daniel Garneau,
B Th, B Com, MA,
October 28, 2023.